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Favorite Memories

Today, I take a detour from the gaming/novel-writing/hotel world that I live in and take a moment to reflect on times gone by and times to come. That’s the true essence of New Years, not just out with the old, in with the new. We can always look forward, but those of us who look to and learn from the past are far better equipped to confront the challenges that lay before us. I find the sweetness of happy memories can help through even the worst of times.

Like when I think of my Papa… I have a multitude of memories that come to mind, but of the most prominent there are two. They are both from when I was quite young. I remember that my grandpa was stubborn and set in his ways since I was little. That was a good thing too, because every day at 5 am we’d go to the Golden Chick and he’d buy coffee with his buddies. I remember that, because every day he’d buy me a biscuit to eat and he’d dab a dollop of honey onto the biscuit for me. I wasn’t helpless, but any time I caught him not looking, I’d have that bear bottle of honey and be getting every last drop of honey I could (until I got caught, that is). That old man learned to watch me like a hawk, though some mornings he just didn’t care.

The other memory happens to be the first (and last) time I had my name signed on his paddle. We were playing hide and seek and I was looking for him. Well, I checked behind trees. I checked behind bushes. I even checked in his wood shop. That old man was nowhere to be found. Well, I’m standing there in the doorway to his wood shop and I say “Damn it, PaPa where are you at?” It just so happens that that old man was far more nimble than anyone gave him credit for, because right after uttering those words, here he came… descending from the rafters of that shop as if from on high to deliver judgement. Of course, I quickly knew I was in for it. We laughed and laughed about it years later, but I remember being more bewildered than frightened at the time.

I have a ton of good memories, ranging from singing along with Dwight Yoakum with Dad as a kid to spending many an hour bonding over a broken truck. We all have those good memories that will help pull us through. What about you, do you have any funny memories that stand out above the rest?


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