A New Year… For Risk!

Well friends, I’ve been absent for a couple of days. Sorry about that, but I had some gaming to do! That’s right, it was Risk Night: Part Two. With a collection of 4 players, multiple pies and cakes leftover from the holidays, and a desire to win, we began.

I chose a much better starting place than Madagascar this time… Central Europe was my home for the game. With an unnamed Comeback Power, I was able to take over all of Europe on Turn 1, leading to an early lead. In fact, with the Enclave of the Bear controlling all of Europe, a fellow gamer Micah (who I believe is playing Die Mechaniker) expanded through America rather quickly. Joseph (who’s been running the Imperial Legion) was quickly thrown under the treads of Die Mechaniker as Micah expanded into South America.

I believe that Micah’s early aggression was due to Joe’s strong start in Game 1. Joe’s racial power is that he get’s to round up instead of down when recruiting troops. Sierra, well after winning Game 1, she decided to seize Australia and fortify. Khan Industries’ goal wasn’t conquest this game, but rather to survive the backlash of the last decade’s wars. So, with Khan as a relative non-factor this game it boiled down to the Enclave, the Imperials, and Die Mechaniker. The Imperials were quickly nearly wiped from the face of the board, so it was up to myself (the well-recovered Enclave) to duke it out with the powerhouse D.M. had become.

And duke it out we did. The straits between Greenland and Iceland ran red with blood and oil. It was a losing battle for myself though, because holding Europe was bringing in less troops than holding North and South America. It slowly ground into a numbers game (that wasn’t helped by horrible dice karma on my end) that resulted in D.M. pulling out a win.

Micah got to sign the board as a winner and founded a major city (though the name escapes me currently). The rest of us all ‘held on’ and founded minor cities. I’m pretty sure after the powerful Comeback Power I received for getting wiped off the face of the board, players have been more reluctant to decimate a civilization.

Anyone else playing some Risk Legacy in the New Year? How’s your game developing?


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  1. My game kicked off well. It was the post-bar-hopping New Year’s entertainment, inspired by a credit at the game store and rave reviews by a couple people (ahem) I follow on Twitter.

    We kicked off just after midnight, starting our wars with a bottle of champagne, as it should be. Setting up was harder than expected, since it turned out 3 out of the 5 players had never played any sort of Risk before, and we were all well on our way to extremely inebriated.

    I set up my Saharan Republic in South America (she who controls Peru controls the word, True Risk Fact) and deftly avoided the inevitable land wars in Asia although I did get sucked into a bloody battle for Canada (Alberta now boasts not one, but two scars). A single Imperial army was somehow able to hold Australia against everyone else for multiple rounds with no reinforcements. He was named Ned Kelly in recognition of his badassery.

    I got lucky with cards and turned in many coins for a whopping 30 troops, bent on world domination. This allowed lots of awful jokes since it was decided that the Sahara Republic “tanks” look suspiciously like the car from SNL’s Ambiguously Gay Duo. The domination didn’t happen though, because both Die Machinaker’s fuehrer and the Imperial general were falling asleep (or possibly passing out, hard to say). So cards were turned in for stars and the Republic made quick work of Die Machinaker’s HQ for a four star win with everyone still on the board.

    North America was proudly renamed “Slackopia” while small cities were formed with Italy’s new capital “King Jason” (named for a fondly remembered trashy hotel in the Rome of Earth that Was), Russia’s beautiful and aptly named “Motherland”, something unpronounceable in India, and the wonderful and unlikely “Lemurville” standing proudly in Madagascar – Die Machinaker’s last hold out.

    Needless to say, we’ll be playing again. Thanks for the great review of the game when you got it, wouldn’t have discovered it otherwise!

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