Christmas Swag

Well, things have been tight this year, so the gifts weren’t abundant. You know what, though? It turned out to be a more meaningful and awesome Christmas because of it.

Here’s the list of gifts I’ve received as of yet (some are coming home with my brother from my mom and dad, so this will need to be updated):

  1. T-Shirt (Cookie Monster) from my nephew – I loved this one, because he has a matching Cookie Monster hoody and he loves hanging out with his uncle.
  2. Gift Card (Prima Pasta) from my wonderful girlfriend – This was a really thoughtful gift, since she really hates most Italian food. Something about tomatoes… But for her to go and get this for me is a promise that I get some Italian food (which I LOVE!!!). Thanks dear for the great gift!
  3. Skylanders for Wii – This is a gift “from the cats” to “us”. We had seen this game months ago, but we really didn’t see it in our budget to get this high-dollar, hot-selling game this year. A guest at the hotel I work at was so impressed by the service I provided gave me a $50 Wal-Mart gift card, and since we hadn’t gotten anything really big, my lady and I decided to spoil ourselves and get this game. Whereas we would have spent about $70, we ended up only spending $20 on the game itself (and we LOVE it… lots of fun)!
  4. Risk Legacy – This was an early Christmas present to myself. I loved it as soon as I got it out of the store as you can see. (I’ll continue loving this for awhile to come, too!)

So as you can see, I definitely got quality over quantity. Each gift I received had thought behind it. Also, since it’s been such a tight financial year for everyone in our lives, it means a lot that they would get us the gifts they did.

What kind of swag did you receive this year?


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